• Solo concerts with involvement of the audience

Videos von Konzerten:


“… Fassbender is always on the lookout for new sounds, to kidnap his audience again and again into “outrageous” worlds and that he can, he has proved in concerts.

The mostly quiet and soothing sounds, which change again and again into the mystical realm, do just fine in the hectic and troubled time. He brushes his fingertips with his glass instruments and creates sounds that have not been heard before. It is pleasant to be spared from any kind of booming music technique and the church bells disturb neither the interpreter, nor the silent listeners who can be enchanted by Jochen Fassbender.

Interesting also the combination of the various instruments, which bring a sonority in the room, which is not attainable with conventional musical instruments. The instrument maker and musician is quite simply a very special artist, as one finds them very rarely today … .. ”

(Bonner Generalanzeiger)

“…. Fassbender’s music is barely tangible. To create sounds, he rubs glass with wet hands, pulls a violin bow over metal, beats with soft bobbins or produces sounds alone through the use of different sized resonance chambers. He rises sound clouds, giving them time to spread slowly in the room. Before they fade away, he sends them new ones. He composes sound pictures. He plays with different pitches. Shrill, whirring sounds alternate with warm, darker sounds. The beginning of silence is always flowing.

Fassbender’s sounds evoke associations. They sound like a xylophone, a piano tone, a flute. Or like sounds from nature, thunderstorms, a river noise, stone rockers, wood rubbing against each other. Rarely, the sounds remain faithful to the associations. They develop further, change and mix in the end into completely new sound images.

The concertgoers have taken to this sound art, many listened with closed eyes and let the music work on itself. Others stretched their necks curiously and could not get enough of the peculiar instruments … .. ”

(Black Forest Messenger)

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