Sound and audio tour to the desert Sinai

Trip through the Sinai-desert –
Trip into the World of Sounds

10.-24. October 2020

Come along with us:
Jochen Fassbender, artist of sounds
Katrin Biallas, anthropologist and a team of tribal Bedouinmen from the Sinai-desert

The Bedouin-guides, who know every part of their desert which is their homeland will guide us through the southern part oft he Sinai-Peninsula. Everyone of us gets his own camel.
We know some energetic places where we make music on the instruments Jochen created from glas, metal and stone by beating, rubbing, stroking or blowing them.
After the music we are silent and concentrate on our sense of hearing. Do we feel any difference between the silence before the music and the silence after the music?
When we perceive the resonances of a place we can know a lot about that place. It sounds different where ever we are. Indeed there starts a dialogue with the powers of nature and we can allow ourselves to be touched by that.

Our trip starts on the seaside. There is a village-like camp at the shore of the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba.
We take three days to get into the right mood, to know each other in the group and to learn about some instruments. We can enjoy swimming and snorkling in the sea.
Then we move into the inner part of the peninsula. The beauty of the desert is thrilling and you will be astonished to discover a large variety of landscapes.
The Bedouin men are our guides and they cook for us at the campfire. We ride our camels or we just walk on our own feet. We get an impression of the nomadic lifestyle. The Bedouins, of course, are invited to join our sound-meditations and so we find a language beyond languages and we can create something beautiful together!
Our focus is on concentrating on our perception of the landscapes and of sounds.

The Conditions:
You must be willing to live in very simple conditions. In the desert we sleep under the open sky on the surface of the earth. You use a sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blanket. You refrain from all kinds of modern comfort. (But you will see that you don’t miss it).
We eat the food Bedouins cook for us, mainly vegetarian: beans, lentils, all kinds of vegetables, rice, noodles – and fresh made bread. Cheese, tomatoes, salad, etc.
Since we are in the outback we must be well prepared for dealing with all kinds of weather. During the night it might be very cold and windy. During the day it could be very hot, but also there could be cold wind. There could be rain. But don’t worry: we will find shelter and every day during the hot time we take a long break in places with shade. Yes, sometimes you would feel like „in the middle of nowhere“, but yes there is mobile-telefon connection in many places – just in case.
Try to leave your daily life and everything concerning work at home. Try to absorb into the very moment.
Katrin Biallas is an anthropologist. She was adopted into a Bedouin family 25 years ago and since then learned their language (arabic) and spent many weeks or months every year with the Bedouin. Together with the Bedouins she will talk about their fascinating culture and how to survive in the desert. She can translate anything between you – the guests – and those local people.
Jochen Fassbender works as a sound artist since 1988. He focusses on research of all kinds of soundphenomena of different materials, shapes, resonances and movements. He develops and produces new kinds of instruments and sound-objects, is giving lessons and concerts. With his instruments he accompanies the experiences of sounds and of listening.

tour price: 1480,- € (without flight)
number of participants: at most 10 people

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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