Fields of Activity

  • Development, construction and distribution of novel musical instruments and sound objects
  • Construction of sound modules for sound gardens
  • Music seminars and further education, courses for children and adolescents, for old or stuttering people
  • Sound and audition days in nature
  • Solo concerts and concertante encounters with jazz, concert music and non-European music, projects with storytellers and theaters
In my sound art, the fields of work are very wide. It would probably be more apt to say that these activities involve many different professions – the sound object builder and inventor, the musician, researcher or teacher. This also leads to cooperation with people who work in different areas – with therapists, artists, teachers, with musicians from different cultures, pastors, non-medical practitioners or entrepreneurs, with members of different religions. Since I do not want to restrict myself in the construction of the sound objects in the selection of materials, I sometimes also need the support of craftsmen such as stonemasons, bell founders, blacksmiths, fusion or metallurgical glass.
My sound art always lives from the fact that I search the connection. Listening too, perhaps more than any other sense, always has something in common.

 a selection of different projects

  • Development of ceramic sound objects together with my wife Waltraud Fassbender (see:
  • Construction of a sound installation in which the proportions of various plants are set to music (commissioned work for the Demeter Bund)
  • Development and construction of a plate bell register for the organ of the Kunststation St. Peter in Cologne
  • Concerts in the trio KFB with Thomas Kagermann and Christian Bollmann
  • Organization of SINNESTAGE, a large exhibition with fields of experience and interactive offers for all the senses
  • Concert for a service for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bahais, Buddhists and Hindus in St. Maria vom Frieden in Cologne
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