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How does a stone sound? How do sounds create pictures of sand? How can water only become a fountain by sound?

In this course, your ears will hear something new. You will explore the world of sounds.

For this you have very unusual instruments at your disposal, with which you can experiment yourself and produce soft or loud, familiar or quite strange sounds. You will recognise: Water sounds different than stone, metal sounds different from wood.

Through your sound experiments, you will learn a lot about the physical vibrations of the sound, about the effect of music on your mood, about the songs of the whales in the sea …

Eventually you will put these notes together to form music that can be quite different: shrill, melodic, scary, gentle – just as it comes to your mind.


Jochen Fassbender designs and builds instruments made of different materials. The aim is to use these instruments to sensitize people to sounds, to re-learn hearing. Jochen Fassbender has been teaching children, adolescents and adults to listen for a long time.

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Improvisation workshops for adults with Jochen Fassbender 

  Knock on the heaven
                             and listen to the sound

It’s about
  • to play freely according to imagination and feeling
  • to listen to fine, long-resonating sounds into the silence
  • to consciously experience the effect of the music
  • to learn a new hearing

Music skills are not required as a prerequisite. We will play on musical instruments that Jochen Fassbender himself has developed: lithophones, tube chimes, metal harps, ballast strings, overtone flutes. . . instruments made of metal, stone or wood for striking, rubbing, brushing or blowing.

We feel sounds on a resonance cradle and make our voice visible on a tonoscope.

We experience how the training of an awake hearing enriches us spiritually and gives us deep joy.

Further information on request
Sound and listening daysHoertage1

Everything on this earth – small or big – has its very own sound – a sound that corresponds to its essence and tells of its soulfulness. It can touch us deep into our soul. Therefore, wood sounds completely different than stone, metal or glass. The wood sound transmits the life force of the tree. This is not only the case with the materials, every room also sounds different and tells us through its sounds and resonances about its nature and the forces that work in it. I regularly offer so-called sound and listening days. We go to different places in nature, for example, to a source, in a quarry on a mountain or in a forest and hear first concentrated in the acoustic environment of the space. Afterwards we play on brought sound objects and try to correspond with the place. In a third phase, we are then completely quiet again, prick up our ears and try to find out if something has changed in our hearing perception. An important experience in our expeditions was that at some point we experienced the sounds of nature or those of distant cars or planes as part of our music. It actually developed a dialogue. By practicing in this way, we can gain an unimaginably intense access to nature, gaining respect.


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