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Although glass is very hard, it also exhibits liquid properties.
In its smallest structures, it is not crystalline but amorphous, like water.
That is why it also resonates strongly towards the aqueous and atmospheric.

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On this page you will find: Cristal Tube Chime, Cristal Registers , Glass tube Sets, bell plates made of quartz and  Verrophone ,

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Glass tube game

aus Glas

The sound of this instrument is a little quieter and more muffled than playing a quartz tube, but it can also be very intimate and touching.
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Glass sound bars are softly padded on an aluminum frame.

Tender soul sounds can be heard when struck with felt bobbins.


Quartz tube game

aus Quarzglas

The sound is generated here by rubbing it with a wet hand. A small, gentle movement almost automatically creates an intense, weightless sound. The sound tubes are made of pure quartz. Their sound is just as pure.
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Quartz register