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This page is about  novel sound objects,
exceptional music & from one
unconventional way of conveying music.


A sound voyage with musical improvisations on instruments made of stone, glass and metal, in and with nature.

with CD

An infinite number of soundscapes are waiting to be discovered by us. Anyone who embarks on the journey with open ears experiences that the physical and the spiritual are directly connected. We can learn to perceive the world and ourselves in a new way. Jochen Fassbender has been working as a sound artist since 1989. He develops and builds innovative sound objects and gives courses and concerts. In this book, he presents his unconventional approach to exploring the various possibilities of acoustic sounds. Can culture still serve as a guide in times of rapid ecological and societal changes? And how can we contribute to harmonising the world? The author has engaged with these questions through his sound and listening art and describes his insights in this book. On the accompanying CD, you can listen to free improvisations on instruments developed by Fassbender.


Flensburger Hefte Verlag, 128 pages, paperback, with CD, € 25,00
ISBN: 978-3-935679-92-3

available in German, soon also in Englisch and Chinese

The past two years I developed the following:

 Overtone-Lithophon;  Hybrid-LithophonStonewings;  OctavegongsQuarz-Register, Platebells out of Quarz and the Quarz-Miraphon tuned in overtones in sub G.

There is also new outdoor play equipment:A plate bell chime, a copper tube chime and another variation of the hybrid lithophone.



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