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What does a stone sound like? How do sounds create sand images? How can water become a fountain through sound alone?

In this course, your ears are in for a treat. You will explore the world of sounds. You will have access to very unusual instruments with which you can experiment and create quiet or loud, familiar or very strange sounds. You will discover: Water sounds different from stone, metal sounds different from wood.

Through your sound experiments you will learn a lot about the physical vibrations of sound, about the effect of music on your mood, about the songs of whales in the sea…

Eventually, you will put these sounds together to create music that can be very different: Shrill, melodic, eerie, gentle - just as it comes to your mind.

Jochen Fassbender designs and builds instruments from various materials. The aim is to use these instruments to sensitize people to noises and sounds and to relearn how to listen. Jochen Fassbender has been teaching children, young people and adults how to listen for a long time. Together with other artists and scientists, he is developing the new profession of audiologist.


Number of participants: 8 to 30

As many space-consuming musical instruments will be set up, we need a room of at least 80 m².

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