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Knock on the sky and listen to the sound

The aim is

  • to play freely according to your imagination and feeling 

  • to listen to fine, long resonating sounds extending into silence 

  • to consciously experience the impact of music 

  • to learn a new way of listening 

Musical knowledge is not a prerequisite. We will play on musical instruments that Jochen Fassbender has developed himself: Lithophones, Copper chimes, Metal harps, Ballast strings, Overtone flutes... instruments made of metal, stone or wood for striking, rubbing, stroking or blowing.

We explore sounds on a resonance cradle and visualize our voice on a tonoscope.

We will experience how listening attentively enriches us mentally and spiritually bringing deep joy.

Number of participants: 8 to 30

As many space-consuming musical instruments will be set up, we need a room of at least 80 m².

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