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Metal sounds as if it were not of this world.

It is the carrier of cosmic forces. 

And indeed, a lot of metal comes from the sky through meteorite impacts.

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On this page you will find: Copper Tube Chimes, Copper Miraphon , Plate Chimes , Ballast String , Metal Harps , Sound platelets , Copper Flutes , Swinging Cymbals , Oktave Gongs and Steel Chello

Tubular Chimes

out of copper

The special feature the copper chimes is their long resonance. It lasts up to two minutes. Tubes made of copper lie horizontally in elastic cords on an ash wood frame. Copper chimes are available in various pentatonic and diatonic scales with a range of two octaves.


TIP: hand-held resonators

When hand resonators are held over the vibrating sound chimes, you can amplify three tones of your choice and modulate their resonance.

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Copper Miraphone

Plexiglas resonators are suspended above copper chimes. When they are gently swayed back and forth, wave-like resonances are created, continually ebbing and flowing. The result is a sound tapestry that is not usually found on acoustic instruments.
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Metal Harp


Thin, long copper tubes are attached in the middle within a wooden frame. The sound tubes are rubbed with fingertips dusted with rosin powder. This produces very delicate, gently swelling, luminous sounds.
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Copper Flutes