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"With innovative sound objects made of glass, stone and metal, he guides his audience into ‘unheard’ worlds.“

- Kulturzentrum 3-Klang

"It's about diversity, which is not just in the music, but also fosters connection among  different people, regardless of age or gender."

- Siegener Zeitung

In my sound art, the fields of work are vast. It would probably be more accurate for me to say that all of these activities incorporate different professions, such as sound object builder, inventor, musician, explorer or teacher. This consistently results in collaborations with people working in many different fields - therapists, artists, teachers, musicians with diverse cultural backgrounds, pastors, naturopaths, entrepreneurs, or simply with individuals from different religions.

As I don’t want to restrict myself concerning the materials that I use for my instruments, I sometimes need the support of craftsmen such as stonemasons, bell founders, blacksmiths or glass blowers.

My sound art always thrives on seeking connections. Even more than any other sense, listening perhaps always has something inherently connecting.



Jochen Fassbender

  • 1957  born in Cologne.

  • Studied fine art at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design in Cologne.

  • Since 1989 working as a sound artist.

  • several awards from the city of Sindelfingen, the art association of Geijsteren (Netherlands) and the Lemmerz foundation (Königswinter)

  • Co-founder of the Institute for Audiopedia in Witten

  • sound consultant of the company playground equipment Richter

  • Author of the book "Sound Art and the Art of Listeningpublished by Flensburger-Hefte-Verlag

  • Since 2018 offer of training in sound dialogue


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