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What it is about:

Every thing on this earth - whether small or large - has its very own sound - a sound that corresponds to its essence and tells us about the mood of its soul. It can touch us deeply within our souls. This is why wood sounds completely different from stone, metal or glass. The sound of wood transmits the life force of the tree. It's not just the materials that sound different, every room also sounds different and tells us about its nature and the forces at work in it through its sounds, noises and resonances.


I regularly offer so-called sound and listening days. We visit different places in nature, for example a spring, a quarry on a mountain or a forest. First, we listen attentively to the acoustic environment of the space. Afterwards we play on sound objects we have brought with us and try to resonate with the surroundings.

out the sound journeys

In a third phase, we become completely still again, sharpen our ears and try to find out whether anything has changed in our auditory perception. An important experience during our expeditions was that we eventually experienced the sounds of nature or distant cars or planes as part of our music. A true dialogue indeed evolved. Practising in this way, we gain an unexpectedly intense connection to nature as well as respect and admiration.

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For several years now, Jochen Fassbender has been offering sound journeys in order to make an even more intense sound experience perceptible with the participants, in harmony with the different landscapes and cultures.






Far above the tree line, we will make music at mountain lakes, glaciers, in rock crystal caves and other impressive scenic locations.




With Katrin Biallas
We are guided through the desert by the local Bedouins, riding camels, and resonate with the vast silence.




In sparsely populated Estonia, there are vast forests, lakes and swamps. Here, we enter the landscape, go to powerful places in nature and play new kinds of instruments.

Klang Wüste SWR2 ClusterKatrin Biallas
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a preview of the sound journey in Sinai (Egypt)

- Interview with Katrin Biallas (in German)

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